Black Liberation Theology: What Exactly is it?

Anthony Bradley, of Covenant Theological Seminary and the Resurgence blog, is interviewed by Glenn Beck (Headline News Network) on Black Liberation Theology.  For those who don’t know, that’s the doctrine that Barrack Obama’s church and pastor, Jeremiah Wright, espouses and teaches.  (Hence the comment from a few weeks back, “Hilary Clinton’s never been called a n*****.”)

2 thoughts on “Black Liberation Theology: What Exactly is it?

  1. That Raceology is a perversion of Theology (study of God). Its primary focus in on man’s injustice to man–
    which is Not the exclusive Wrong of whites. Of course it
    provides a convenient scapegoat – the white race- for many blacks to project upon their personal and group self-hatreds, feelings of inadequacy and failure frustrations. Thus, it provides them with an “emotionalized thought pattern” mechanism to relieve themselves of any self-dislike by transferring their guilt
    feelings to those against whom they actually harbor those hateful feelings. So all whites are assumed guilty as charged for causing all of the black’s sins and troubles
    simply because they are white. Such “reverse racism”
    will NEVER pass muster at God’s Judgment Seat,”for out
    of the heart the mouth speaks”…and it is God who will
    judge both hearts and deeds. Note: I assume that not all
    blacks hold such hateful views…I have black friends and
    acquaintances who will pass muster at the Divine Judgment. Thank God not all individuals of any race are
    “Racists.” Those who are stand in need of our prayers..
    including the Jeremiah Wrights and his ilk.


  2. Thanks for the insight Jerry. I would agree that not all blacks are racist. Not all whites are either. And no doubt that the Jeremiah Wrights of the world need prayer.


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