Brian McLaren and Willow Creek: A Match Made in…

Brian McLaren spoke at a youth conference at Willow Creek in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. For those who aren’t familiar, McLaren is the spearhead for the Emergent Church movement in America. Despite what he says, his theology is ultra liberal and simply non-biblical. At the conference, McLaren said that Christians should put less focus on eternity and more on achieving justice in the here and now. In fact, one writer says that McLaren’s message is “serpent-sensitive worship.”

Just one question I will ask as a commentary on this: Why in the world would Willow Creek invite Brian McLaren to speak at their conference? It just makes me wonder how committed to sound, biblical doctrine Willow Creek actually is.

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  1. just stumbled across your post and I am so glad that I did because of the article in the Baptist Press that you have linked to. thanks for the info :)


  2. watchman1948 says:

    Lynne Hybels, wife of Willow Creek Pastor Bill Hybels, is scheduled to speak with Brian McLaren at the pagan Celtic Wild Goose Festival 2011. The “falling away” apostasy is not comng it is here!


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