Another Thought on Suicide

The world is not impressed when Christians experience a suicide and have their ultimate joy depleted in sake of living in sorrow and using God as a teddy bear for comfort.  The world is impressed when Christians experience a suicide and say, “Jesus is enough.  He is my shelter.  He will give me hope.  I will cling to him.  And even in tragedy and despair,  he is utterly satisfing and I will rejoice, for he is good.”

2 thoughts on “Another Thought on Suicide

  1. I totally agree.

    I have gone through 3 suicides in my life, 2 as a non-believer and one as a believer, and the Hope that Christ supplies is hard to believe until you experience it.


  2. Amen, Stacy.

    By the way, the Jesus Camp review is forthcoming, haha. I got a “little” sidetracked. But I watched it last weekend and am working on it!


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