One of My Big Goals in Life is to be a Professional Disc Golfer

This summer I’ve gotten a lot better at disc golfing.  I’m still learning the game, but on hole 6 at Max Roper Park in Lincoln this past Monday, I had my first ace (known as a ‘hole-in-one’ in regular golf).  I like to throw a Tomahawk (aka “Hammer”) on my drives — it seems to help with distance (for me anyway).  The drive went straight over a large tree and a power-line pole and landed right in the basket.  Here’s Wikipedia’s information on an “Ace”:

Known as a hole in one in ball golf.  An ace occurs when a player makes their first shot, or drive, into the basket.  An ace in disc golf is fairly rare and much praise is given to those who have accomplished this spectacular feat.  A common practice is to have all participants in the ace group or all spectators sign the “ace disc.”  Aces are more common in disc golf than ball golf as the top pros boast as many as 200+ aces in their careers.

There was a lot of praise, high fives, and laughs.  However, there was also a few deflated golfers.  Right after it happened, my roommate said, “That kind of puts a damper on the whole round for us.”

Geez, thanks.  Don’t hate me because I’m a pro at disc golf.

Only 199 more aces to go. 


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