The Most Important Person in the Election

If you don’t like politics, sorry.  We are getting closer to the election so you’ll see a lot more political posts.  With that said, let us look to Jesus as the campaign season progresses, for he has provided for us a kingdom that will never be shaken (Heb. 12:28).

Still, there is a temporal kingdom we live in and there’s an election coming up.  Here’s a guest post from my friend Todd Bowman with his take on who this election might depend on.

The most important person in this campaign is potentially none of the candidates. Rather it is Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary were anywhere on the Democratic ticket, either for President or Vice President, I believe this election would be over, Palin or no Palin.

But when Obama decided to select someone else for Vice President, he left a crack in the door that Palin has now burst through with strength, humor, likability, and smarts.

If Republicans win this election, they can thank Obama for not picking Hillary.


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