This past June, I worked on a Bible study series for Cru.Comm 3.0, the discipleship and small group resource for Campus Crusade.   You can click on that link to get some free material.  If you’d like, you can pay a $2.00 subscription fee for unlimited resources for a year.  In addition to some of the studies, there are articles written by non-Crusade staff members that you might find edifying as well.

I wrote the 1 and 2 Samuel Bible studies with an emphasis in redemptive focus.  Our hope is that these, as well as the rest of our rewritten studies, are more Christ-centered than anything we’ve put out before.  Here is the PDF for 1 Samuel.  I hope you’ll take advantage of using these with your small group or even for your own time with the Lord.  (These are not available for free on Cru.Comm.)  Hopefully soon I’ll have 2 Samuel available for you as well.

Download the 1 Samuel Bible study in PDF.


One thought on “Bible Study on 1 Samuel

  1. Our Bible Study (4 ladies) is beginning your 1 Samuel Study next week, which I downloaded from this site. My first lesson is done, I have looked through the rest of the study and am excited to get started!!
    When we finish this book, I would like to do your 2 Samuel Study. Could you notify me when it is available?
    I have read your church’s statement of faith and agree with it. I attend Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring Oregon and accepted the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ for the payment of my sins many, many years ago!! Praise the LORD!!

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