God’s Glory and Our Happiness Are Not At Odds

God and the creature, in the emanation of the divine fullness, are not properly set in opposition, or made the opposite parts of a disjunction.  Nor ought God’s glory and the creature’s good to be viewed as if they were properly and entirely distinct in the objection.  This supposes that God having respect to his glory, and [to] the communication of good to his creatures, are things altogether different; that God communicating his fullness for himself, and his doing it for them, are things standing in a proper disjunction and opposition.  Whereas, if we were capable of more perfect views of God and divine things, which are so much above us, it probably would appear very clear, that the matter is quite otherwise, and that these things, instead of appearing entirely distinct, are implied one in the other.

– Jonathan Edwards, The End for Which God Created the World


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