Conference Quotes That Make You Say, “Hmmm…good word.”

Notable quotes (these are nearly full quotes — many are paraphrases that I took down during the sessions):

Sinclair Ferguson:

The practical purpose of Scripture is to make us spiritually mature.

The tongue carries the very breath of our souls.

Bob Kauflin:

John and Charles Wesley weren’t trying to write worship hits.

Emotions aren’t the problem; emotionalism is.

Singing together binds us together…but the gospel, not music, unites us.

Mark Driscoll:

[Quoting a person who has been rebuked] You hurt my feelings.  You spanked my inner child.

Religion is ridiculous; Jesus is wonderful.

Pray for the shepherds.  Pray for them more than you criticize, e-mail, gossip, or blog about them.

[Commenting on Amos 6:4-6] Woe to you who roll around in Escalades and wear lots of bling and lay around on couches hoping you can get onto MTV Cribs.  This is God’s way of rebuking the sheep who are acting like swine.  Their consciences are so broken that apart from a strong rebuke, they will not be changed.

Paul Tripp:

Words belong to the Lord…you have never spoken a neutral word in your life.

Your heat is your causal core of your personhood….Word problems aren’t vocabulary or technique problems. They are heart problems.

It’s only when you stand before your Redeemer and are humbly willing to say, regardless of the flawed people you live among, “I am my greatest communication problem,” you are heading in a direction of fundamental change.

Sin is fundamentally antisocial.

John Piper:

There is a way to talk eloquently that nulifies the gospel.

No man can give the impression that he is clever and that Christ is mighty to save.

Paul rejects eloquence that exploits language to exalt self and ignore Christ.

With your speech, bring the cross out of the shadows.