The Green Bible

This could be a joke.  But they are as serious as a train wreck.  Introducing the Green Bible: Understanding the Bible’s powerful message for earth.

2 thoughts on “The Green Bible

  1. I live in Australia, so perhaps I don’t get the political ramifications of this but I don’t really understand why you tagged that as liberal. I’m a religious conservative, this is a Bible. Sure it is highlighting some sections of the Bible over others but I do think the Bible teaches that we need to be good stewards of what he has given us, and Genesis would imply that part of that stewardship is over the earth. A red letter Bible isn’t necessarily liberal because it highlights Jesus’ words over others is it? I think commentaries can be liberal, sermons can be liberal and translations can be liberal (though NRSV is hardly a liberal translation) but isn’t highlighting God’s Providence in a Bible not a very evangelical thing to do? Sure a lot of those 1000 ‘earth’ passages would most likely be about the (promised) land, not the world as a whole and that needs to be considered and since most people already have (several) Bibles you could question whether buying something new is legitimately environmental anyway and I’m not going to buy one. But be careful not to let the way in which certain issues have been politically polarised in America shape your exegesis. I think environmentalism is a place where religious and political liberalism should not be considered the same.


  2. Matt, I’ll be posting a response to your comment in a post. Look for that. I think you brought up some questions that I want to address.



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