Church Tour

Church is fascinating to me.  The way a church service is run especially catches my attention.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Church (God’s people).  I love (mostly) every aspect about a local church (fellowship, evangelism, small groups, etc), but I think Sunday morning says a lot about what a church represents, believes, teaches, and treasures.

In the next six weeks, I am going to visit local churches in my city (Lincoln, Nebraska).  There’s three immediate goals I have in mind.  One, I want to see what God is doing in the larger picture of Lincoln, instead of my own church.  I hope to grow my appreciation and love for other denominations and brothers/sisters — even if my theology is different than theirs.  Two, I want to observe how each local body does church.  What do they do that I like?  What do they do that I don’t like?  As someone who wants to plant churches someday, I need to formulate a philosophy of how a service should be run and it’s never too early to start.  Third, I want to see how much a single visit to a church service reveals about a church’s beliefs through the sermon, music, announcements, etc.  What is important to them will implicitly and explicitly come out during the service.

There will be objective and subjective parts of the posts during this “church tour.”  There’s really not much structure though.  I’ll simply be blogging my thoughts and observations.  My point isn’t to criticize or offend anyone — it’s just to observe.  I’ll be visiting six churches of different demoninations, sizes, styles of worship, and theological beliefs.  Each week I post, I won’t name the church, but I’ll let you know the denomination and size.  We’ll start the church tour blog posts next week.  I hope this will be as fun for you all to read as it will be for me to write!

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  1. carlyforsman says:

    That’s exciting! I’ve been doing a bit of the same, only without the specific goal in mind. It’s been interesting. I’ll be praying for you during this!


  2. james says:


    I’m in the process of putting the posts together…The first two weeks have been fun…quite different experiences, for sure.


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