2 Samuel Bible Studies

In a previous post, I made available Bible study materials from 1 Samuel.  I now have the 2 Samuel studies uploaded.  They are not in one PDF, like 1 Samuel.  My apologies for that.

2 Samuel PDFs

To download a file, open it in the PDF or right click and hit “Save link as…”

God’s Heart – 1:1-27
David’s Kingship Begins – 2:1-5:5
Moving Up – 5:6-25
David’s King – 6:1-7:29
David’s Reign – 8:1-10:19
Divine Grace – 11:1-12:31
Human Disgrace – 13:1-39

Trouble at Home – 14:1-33
The Word Fulfilled – 15:1-19:43
Success Against Rebellion – 20:1-26
God’s Faithfulness – 21:1-22
Singing Praises – 22:1-23:7
Disguised Mercy – 24:1-25


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sheryl Dean says:

    I cannot open any of your pdfs. I am studying the first 2 chapters of II Samuel and wanted to read what you had to say.


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