I’m Praying to Be More Angry

I have no better remedy than anger. If I want to write, pray, preach well, then I must be angry. Then my entire blood supply refreshes itself, my mind is made keen, and all temptations depart.
– Martin Luther

I want to be angry.  I want to be angry at my sin, first.  Every morning, when I wake up and pray to God, meditate on his word, and worship him, I want to be angry at myself for my utter ridiculous nature.  I want to be angry at sin, Satan, and the principles of this world.  I want it to be righteous anger.  So much of my anger happens because I’m mad that someone has limited the growth of my puny kingdom instead of the fact that they have sinned against God’s eternal one.  Lord, help me be angry like you.  Help me be angry and not sin.