Happy Veterans’ Day

Thank you to all the men and women who have fought to preserve freedom and democracy in this country.  Thank you for being selfless, dedicated, ambitious, and faithful to your service.  Your efforts are not in vain.

3 thoughts on “Happy Veterans’ Day

  1. In America, we enjoy the freedom of giving half our income to the government through various forms of taxes. We have the freedom to participate in a Ponzi scheme known as Social Security. We have the freedom to vote for the president. Unlike the voters of Iraq under Saddam Hussein, who only had one choice for president, we have two choices! We have the freedom to choose between Republican-led big government programs and Democrat-led big government programs. We have the freedom to use government-controlled money, which loses value every year. We have the freedom to subsidize the poltically-connected agricultural, automotive, and banking industries. We have the freedom of sending children through the compusory government-run education system, and then pay for job training for those that get through 12 years of schooling and still don’t know how to do anything. We have the freedom to own guns, provided that said gun is approved by the government and we pass the government-mandated background check. If we get the appropriate permits and stand in then proper free-speech zone, we have the freedom to protest.

    Thanks to all the veterans that defended these freedoms and kept them from being taken away!



  2. Disinter,

    A bit cynical, aren’t we?

    This country isn’t perfect; in fact, there isn’t one perfect country. Still, we have a lot of freedoms to enjoy–one being that you posted this ridiculous comment on my blog. :)

    If you dislike America so much (and can completely disrespect people who have a lot more dignity, ambition, diligence, and perseverance than you or I), then why don’t you move to another country?


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