Missionaries Are Everywhere, Not Just Overseas

When a person leaves to be a missionary to China or Africa or India or any other “far away land,” we get excited about him learning the language, lingo, and slang, participating in the cultural customs, wearing appropriate clothing and headgear, and listening to and enjoying the popular music and entertainment.

Why don’t we get as excited when someone moves across the tracks in his own city to a completely different village and tribe village for the purpose of spreading the gospel?

For some odd reason, some Christians think that if young Christian listens to hip-hip, wears FuBu, and talks like he’s “from the ghetto,” that he must be worldly and sleeping around.  Others may think that if a Christian listens to grunge and punk, wears a backwards hat, has tattoos down his arms, and likes the color black then he must have a problem with depression and drugs.

No one would look down on a Christian who moves to China to share the gospel and walks, talks, dresses, and eats like everyone else.  Let’s not do it to those who are in the villages, tribes, and cultures right here in our own country.  They are missionaries as well, laboring to live out the gospel in real community so that sinners like you and me will meet Jesus.

I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some.  I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share with them in its blessings.
– 1 Corinthians 9:22-23

8 thoughts on “Missionaries Are Everywhere, Not Just Overseas

  1. You have to remember where a prophet is without honor. It is a pity when we do not want in our own back yards what we are willing to have anywhere else.


  2. Sisyphus, I think Chuck is simply referring to the fact that Goth culture is rooted in demonic practices that do not typify Christian practice.

    Goths do more than wear black and have blue hair. I don’t think Chuck’s comment was discriminatory. I can’t speak for him, but I think he just meant that to be a “Gothic Christian” makes as much as sense as being an “Atheist Christian.” It just can’t happen.

    This issue raises a lot of questions about culture–which would be an entirely different post. For brevity’s sake, we can say a few short things. For a Christian, we can either receive, reject, or redeem parts of culture. Examples:

    Receive: Alcohol. It’s okay! We can receive it and drink it–not get drunk of course.

    Reject: Pornography. There is no such thing as “Christian porn” or “Christian strip clubs.” (The Goth situation is an example of this. Wearing black and having different colored hair is not wrong. Engaging in the *practices* of Goth culture would be something that need to be rejected. Goths still need to be reached. Another example would be Christians ministering to Muslims. We can dress like them and talk like them and eat like them, but we can’t pray to them, because we don’t pray to the same God.)

    Redeem: Abortion. We believe it is bad and ugly. It’s a sin. However, it still happens. So we can help women who have suffered through this by volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers. Women need help, so we want to *redemptively* minister to them in a way that gives them hope and encouragement.


  3. I agree…..e have to be careful about letting the world get to us first. And it’s not for evryone, but we should support those that seek to reach the lost wherever they are. I read something interesting not long ago. The women at the well..that had been married many times and was living with her current man….Jesus forgave her, but when she went back to her life she still had ex-husband’s and was living with someone. The difference was she was no longer ashamed, she was forgiven, and therefore could be truthful and honst about her life and begin to change it. Like her believing and accepting God and what he has to offer is the beginning of change. And for someone that dresses a certain way or listens to certain music that is what they knwo. Someone showing them God isn’t going to automatically change that, and how can we expect them to change because they are wearing black and we “think”they are goth. Many young people simply wear black because they want to buck the culture that says what you wear and who your friends are is what defines who and what you are. None of this will ever change if no one, like Jesus does, meets them where they are. Thank you for putting this out there. Have a blessed day!


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