Wrestling, Women, and Godly Manhood

John Piper tries to light a fire under fathers as he writes about women in wrestling.

I have to agree with Piper on this.  I think some time ago I didn’t really have an opinion on women in wrestling, but I have always thought that men do men’s sports and women do women’s sports.  There shouldn’t be a cross-over.  It’s not because women are less talented or anything like that.  It’s simply because men are men and women are women, and the reasons Piper gives (i.e. touching and grabbing a young lady in wrestling and physically hurting a girl) should be tops on the list.

It’s not cool in our society to treat a woman like a lady.  So men resort to two extremes: 1) they are  too chauvinistic and they oppress women by making them subservient, or 2) they become pansies and repress their power, authority, and manliness.  Both are wrong.  Women are equals with men, most certainly, but they aren’t the same.  Anyone who says that a man and a woman are the same has a serious problem in their head.  Men should treat women equally, but they should treat their wives — and all women — with honor, living with them in an understanding way.  This means that women are not subservient, but they are highly esteemed, and that men take the lead, initiate, provide for, and protect at all costs.

It has been said before, and Piper echoes it: Men do not fight women.  They fight for women.  Let us remember and practice it in front of a culture that thinks it is completely uncool.


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  1. HAZEM says:

    Very Nice Blog.. with my best wishes.



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