Satan Will Tempt You With the Word

Jonathan Edwards writes in his Religious Affections on why we should expect Satan to tempt us with the Bible:

He who was bold enough to lay hold on Christ himself, and carry him hither and thither, into the wilderness and into a high mountain and to a pinnacle of the temple, is not afraid to touch the Scripture and abuse that for his own purpose; as he showed at the same time that he was so bold with Christ, he then brought one Scripture and another, to deceive and tempt him.  And if Satan did presume, and was permitted to put Christ himself in mind of tests of Scripture to tempt him, what reason have we to determine that he dare not, or will not be permitted, to put wicked men in mind of texts of Scripture to tempt and deceive them?

…And the devil can abuse the Scripture, to deceive and destroy men, so may men’s own folly and corruptions as well: The sin which is in men acts like its father.  Men’s own hearts are deceitful like the devil, and use the same means to deceive.


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