That Guy Might Be a Father Someday

While walking on the University of Johannesburg campus today, I saw a male student wearing a t-shirt that said:

I’m Sotally Tober.

In case you missed the joke, it’s supposed to be a quote from a drunk guy saying, “I’m totally sober.”

I couldn’t help but say, “That guy is going to be a dad someday.  He might even be one already.   How sad.”  That’s what men in our society — not just American society — are like.  I’m in South Africa.  I’m talking the world’s society.

Most men are simply “males,” not real men.  They are typically good at getting drunk, looking at porn, avoiding hard work, and macking on women.  That’s sad.  And do you know what type of guy a person who wears a shirt like that becomes (unless God’s grace saves him)?

They become the guy at the rugby game I saw last week.  This guy is at the game with his wife and 6- or 7-year old son.  The “Bulls Babes” cheerleading team comes right in front of us (we are in row 7).  This guy stands his kid up on the seat and gives him a camera and tells him to take a picture of the cheerleaders (who weren’t dressed for the weather, if you follow me).

That was bad enough.  But it was magnified even more because his wife — the boy’s mom — was sitting right next to him.  I wanted to go up and grab his collar, get into his face, and say, “Why don’t you just punch your wife in the stomach?  Why don’t you spit in her face?  Why don’t you just mock her and say, ‘You aren’t pretty enough!  Why can’t you be a cheerleader?”

It was abuse in its most subtle form.  It was disgusting and disgraceful

And non-Christians say that men who love Jesus support the oppression of women.  Give me a break.

4 thoughts on “That Guy Might Be a Father Someday

  1. I totally agree with you there. We live in a world where Ephesians 5:22-33 is considered unenlightened. I thought twice before choosing that reading for my wedding, knowing what some people think of it (in the end, I didn’t let it get to me–I thought people needed to hear it). Men should be men and be the spiritual leaders in the household. Women should let them.


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