How the Swine Flu and Abortion are Related

Mike Huckabee writes why he’s not afraid of the swine flu.  Here’s a good chunk of his article:

I’ve watched the Obama administration tell us how much they care about protecting lives from the flu. If they really want to help make children safer, let me make a suggestion: Start doing all you can to move this country to being pro-life.

Almost a million unborn children will die in their mother’s womb because of elective abortion this year. These are not sick or unhealthy babies, they’re just inconvenient.

And by ending their lives because they represent an economic disruption or a social interference to the mother, we’ve created a culture in which a human life is expendable because it represents an inconvenience.

It happens a million times a year in the United States. Where’s the press conference by the president, or the warnings of the vice president, or the outline of steps to be taken issued by Homeland Security or the secretary of Health and Human Services?

There isn’t one, because they all support the notion that it’s OK to end the lives of perfectly healthy unborn babies because they are in someone’s way.

2 thoughts on “How the Swine Flu and Abortion are Related

  1. The media just like to freak people out and make the most money they can while doing it. The flu, regardless of human, swine or bird, is deadly. The problem that people don’t understand is that if this strain mutates again, it can become even more deadly. So the goal is to get rid of it entirely in humans, so it can’t spread so easily.

    I’ll be afraid of getting the flu when it becomes a true threat to healthy people. But until then, I’ll continue living normally and stay away from sick people because they are sick and because I typically always do.


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