A guest post by Andrew Reiners

Well Hello everyone.  My name is Andrew and I will be one of two guys that will be guest posting for James while he is back in the United States for several weeks.  I don’t know what his deal is ( something about spending a little time with his fiance who he hasn’t seen for 5 months getting in the way of his blogging).  Just a note, I am nothing special, in fact I do not think I am worthy of posting on such a blog as Beneath the Cross, but I will try.  I am currently working in Lincoln, Nebraska as a social worker helping teens and families deal with very real and troubling issues.  Its a great job but tough at times.  I will try my best to stay consistent with the posts so here goes.

Last night I was watching a conference message by Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle about the subject of idolatry in our personal ministry.  Now I know that Mark Driscoll has rubbed some people the wrong way with his preaching style and often very candid sermons.  Whether you like Mark Driscoll or not, this message had a very different tone than most of his conferences messages have had in the past.  This message titled “Ministry Idolatry” was given by Pastor Mark at the Advance 09 conference in Durham, NC two weeks ago.  In this message Mark addresses the very seriousness of every human’s problem with idolatry and the ways that it fuels other sin issues in our lives.  The statement that had the strongest impact on me was when Mark said something like this “People don’t have sex problems, money problems, drug problems, or alcohol problems; people have idolatry problems”.  I highly encourage you to take an hour or just half an hour and watch some of this message and let it take hold of you and convict you of some of the things that you idolize in place of our Lord Jesus.  Listen to the message.

Here are a few notes I took from this message:

  • Pastor Mark explains that idols are usually good things that we turn into God things and in turn become bad things.
  • Idols such as money, sex, alcohol, relationships, education, even blogs act as functional saviors that if we allow to take precedent in our lives take us away from our real problems and insecurities and give us a false sense of worth and joy that can only be found in the light of Jesus Christ.
  • What is my ultimate source of delight?  Is it in my girlfriend, my job, my car, my church, my knowledge?  Jesus needs to be my ultimate source of delight.
  • Even sports can be an idol.  A football stadium is simply a temple where people can gather and worship their idols. (I may post more on this topic in the coming days.)
  • Those who idolize must also demonize.  Those who find their identity and worth in an idol, must also demonize the very things that contradict or compete with that idol.


3 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll on Idolatry

  1. Andrew, enjoyed the post and link to the talk. I’ll be checking that out this afternoon. I think if we took an honest look at our lives, we’d find a lot of idols we’ve just gotten used to having around. Thank again!

  2. Good post A-Train. The church that I attended this past Sunday had a message about us using God/Jesus/Holy Spirit as a means to an end and not THE END. All we need is Jesus and a lot of times we make idols of things that are good, but like Driscoll says, it usually turns into something bad. Thanks for the post, bro.

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