“Keep your low view of God to youself.”

This in-your-face quote (my paraphrase) comes from Heinz Schrader, pastor of Capital City Church International here in Pretoria.

Right now we have a few people who are in conversation with us about our view of suffering and God’s sovereignty.  They totally disagree with what we teach.  I want to tell you, that when someone has problems with the way a family is doing things, they are supposed to go to the head of the household.  So let me try to say this nicely: if you have a problem with what we believe and teach about suffering in this church, then come talk to me.  And you can talk to any one of our elders.  But you had better not ridicule one of these sheep down here who are in the midst of suffering, hardship, pain, and loss by telling them they’ve sinned or they need to read their Bible more.

Listen to me: if you don’t believe that God is sovereign in suffering, if you believe that all suffering comes from personal sin and lack of holiness, if you believe that man dictates the circumstances of life and not God, then you do not have a theology — you have an anthropology.  You exalt man higher than God.  So please, do us a favor and keep your low view of God to yourself.


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