New iPhone App to Allow Driving from Mobile Phone

German researchers have developed an iPhone app that will allow the user to drive a vehicle via their mobile phone.  Here’s a snippet:

The iDriver has individual accelerate and brake buttons and a virtual steering wheel that utilises the phone’s motion-sensor technology. It interfaces with a specially equipped car which receives messages from the iPhone and relays them into the vehicle via wireless technology. The virtual driver allows driving from a distance through the use of live video streaming from a roof-mounted camera

I swear that some people already drive as if they were sitting on their couch in boxers, iPhone in one hand, a bag of Cheetos in the other, singing along to VH1’s pop-up video classics.

Thankfully, the app is not expected to be commercially available any time soon, or at all.

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  1. Sara P says:

    Aside from the fact that it is obviously unsafe and will never happen, I don’t know why anyone would want this. It’s not like it saves you any time–you still have to sit there and drive, you just do it from home rather than in your car! Oh, the things people come up with…


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