America’s Ugliest Export

Here’s a video from Christianity Today about the prosperity gospel in Africa.

(If you are viewing this in a feed reader, you may have to click through to the blog to see the video.)

(HT: Justin Taylor)

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  1. Gregg says:

    It has been a long time since I have seen something that hurts my heart as much as that video and at the same time makes me angry. What a gross, ugly, and wicked butchery of God’s Word! God help them, I think of the warning in Matthew that it would be better that they had never been born or that a great millstone woud be tied around their neck and they be dropped into the sea for hurting, misleading, discouraging, or ravishing of hope of one of His children.

    I almost vomited. How God must vomit and spew them out of his mouth!


  2. Chuck says:

    I just want to fight somebody. I want to walk up on stage during Olsteen hour and fight him.


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