Sermon 12: Being Real

Being Real
Series: Redemption
Pastor Steve Moltumyr

Romans 7

In Scripture we see four frames of Paul’s life:

  1. Sinner
  2. Saved by grace
  3. Victory in Christ
  4. The Dark Corridor

In Romans 7, when Paul describes himself as a wretched man, it is about as dismal of a description as one can give himself.  The Romans 7 dilemma is that we are wretched people, but there is a solution to the problem.

  • Romans 7 describes Paul’s Christian journey, not his pre-Christian journey. Here’s a few reasons why:
  1. Verses 14-25 are in present tense,
  2. Paul’s relationship to sin shows that he hates sin.
  3. Paul delights in God’s law like a believer would not.
  • When Paul talks about the Law, he means the Ten Commandments. Jesus summed up the law by saying, “Love the LORD your God…and love your neighbor.”
    • The problem isn’t the law, it’s us!
    • The law inspires us to sin against it. It’s like a sign that says, “Don’t walk on the grass.”  You know what people will do?  They will walk on the grass.
    • The law cannot solve the problem we have with the law. Think of an MRI. The MRI tells you that you have a tumor or a disease or something else, but the MRI will not solve the problem. You need something outside of the MRI to heal you.
    • Sin is deadly. The law tell us just that. But the law isn’t the cure, Jesus is.
  • If you have never felt what Paul felt in Romans 7, you have to ask yourself if you are truly a Christian.
  • Whatever your sin, you stand at a very level place at the foot of the cross.
  • Apply: Honestly face sin, confess, and ask Jesus for strength in your fight against sin.

*               *               *

I agree that Romans Romans 7:14-25 is about Paul’s Christian life and I have written about this elsewhere.


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