Meet Norm, The Melodramatic Montrealer Ump


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  1. slamdunk says:

    Ha, seems like an energetic guy.


  2. bmj2k says:

    That’s the type of ump you want- no waiting for a call, clear and distinct. I bet he keeps the game moving too. I just hope he has a good strike zone.


  3. Nathan Eckman says:

    Now that’s a man who loves his job – It doesn’t matter what job you have, if you have passion for it – you make it look desirable.


  4. Breland Kent says:

    What a great blog, thanks for sharing! :)


  5. rubiescorner says:

    Well you can understand what the umpire is saying from a mile away. He is working constantly!


  6. Kris says:

    Love the passion! :o)


  7. Gregg Metcalf says:

    Gotta love the passion!


  8. Great Umpire, very enthusiastic and very into the game and what he is doing. It’s not only great to have an umpire like this for the players but for the fans in the bleachers as well. Our kids had an ump very similar to this in their first game this year and had a great time (and won) because they felt like they were involved in something. For the 2nd and 3rd games they had an 18yr old umpire who didn’t say anything until 3 and 2 then he would yell full count. That’s it not another word uttered. No one ever quite knew what was going on and the kids, 1st year Little League farms, lost interest during the games and lost both of them. Great umpires are hard to find and when you get one like that you had better keep him or it will be your loss, literally.
    P.S. Rest in Peace Ernie Harwell. Died at 92 and was the voice of the Detroit Tigers for decades! We will miss him dearly. Just like a good ump, a good commentator is also a rare find!
    I’m going to put that ump on my laptop and show the 18 yr old just how it should be done. After all they play such a major roll in the game for everyone!
    Now, Down in front, because our team is up to bat!
    Go Blue Jays!


  9. Excellent ump. No hesitation to call. If a mistake is made, quick to change. But, not many mistakes, I presume.


  10. GraceKay says:

    I bet he doesn’t have too many coaches or players getting up in his face!
    All too often they aren’t precise or clear on their calls.


  11. Way better than the umpire we had for our HS game yesterday. Missed back-to-back batters getting hit-by-pitch. Blew six calls at first base and ended the game six minutes early. When questioned, he screamed “You don’t have my watch, so you don’t know what time it is. My watch is the real time!!!” And stormed off the field.

    Kudos to this umpire in your video!


  12. ondiluss says:

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  13. kenny says:

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