You Can’t Be Indifferent to Jesus

I think one of the greatest problems in American culture when it comes to spiritual realities is the idea that as long as we aren’t against Jesus, he will still save us in the end from judgment and hell.

When I was in campus ministry, I saw this on a daily basis.  People who were clearly not “religious” or “Christian” or “spiritual” would still answer the question, “If Jesus is real, and he does return someday, how will it go for you?” with the answer, “Oh, I think I’ll be okay. I don’t hate Jesus, it’s just not for me.”

In Luke 11:23, Jesus gives us a sobering thought, a thought that makes me take him more seriously.  He said, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”

This isn’t just a verse for non-Christians. Even Christians experience this. I know that I can be indifferent to Jesus. Often I think, Well, I haven’t don’t anything really bad today. How legalistic! The sad truth is that I may not have done anything bad, but I didn’t do anything holy or just to help build God’s kingdom. What did I do to gather a harvest of righteousness? Nothing. Instead, my neutrality “scattered” and made kingdom work harder for those around me who were taking God a bit more seriously than I was.

Lord, don’t let me coast in my Christianity. You are for me, 100%. Give me grace to not ever be indifferent toward you.


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  1. Excellent post today James! There is no middle of the road nor neutral position in this life or the life to come. One must decide – repent and follow or remain at emnity with God. O, that we would learn this truth early and be “driven” by the realization that God will make the secrets of our hearts and scrutinize that which we have done in this body.


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