God is Always Behind the Scenes.

As I read Isaiah 45:1-13, there is one, single, consistent, mind-numbing, eternity-changing, thought:

God equips, empowers, and energizes even those who do not know him as Lord and Savior in order to accomplish his majestic purposes.

I ask, “Why does he do this?” The answer comes in verses 5-6:

So that everyone, from east to west, may know that Yahweh is God, and that there is no other.

Truly our God’s mind and will is unsearchable and inscrutable.  How awesome are his ways!

2 thoughts on “God is Always Behind the Scenes.

  1. Awesome! He truly does what he wishes how he wishes. I find so much peace in that. I cannot change his ways and my circumstances are not ever out of line with his will. Good thoughts bro.


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