Saturday Morning Potpourri

Do you ever feel like you get so busy in life that you only work in your life and not on your life? In other words, how much time do you spend intentionally thinking about actions that need to be taken and then actually do them? Most of us, and I have felt this of late, simply react to what life brings.

Not a lot of intentionality — just reactivity.  Not a lot of preparation–just muddled busyness that general life brings.

I’m talking about spiritual things here. Killing sin, memorizing scripture, pursuing my wife, serving people, investing in men. These are the things that matter. These are the things I must be proactive about, because if I’m reactive, I will find myself in a heap of trouble.

There’s nothing terribly theological I want to say about this. I’ll leave it at this: I’m working on trying to work on my life.

As a quick update:

  • Carly will be 17 weeks pregnant on Tuesday. We heard the baby’s heartbeat a few weeks back. One-hundred and fifty-three strong beats per minute! We find out the gender on April 12. We both feel like it’s a boy. But Carly still knows that little girl clothes are cuter than little boy clothes.
  • Some of you know that I’ve been raising financial support to work in a pastoral training program, of sorts, at my church as an intern with our lead pastor. It’s nothing formal–in fact, our church has never had a pastoral intern before. It will be extremely experimental, but hopefully very formative for me, and helpful to our church. Alongside this practical training, I’ll be starting distance seminary in the fall (probably right around when our baby is due–yikes!). Our support is nearly finished, so I’ll be working at our church full-time in May.
  • As for personal study and reading, I’m working slowly through Romans–which you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been following the blog in the last few months. That has been challenging, but so beneficial. As for other books, I’m currently re-reading Desiring God by John Piper, and reading The Reason for God by Tim Keller, The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels, and The Valley of Vision by Arthur Bennett.

God has been so faithful. He is faithful to me even when I let the busyness of life intrude. He is faithful to keep my wife and our baby healthy during pregnancy. He is faithful when I don’t study the Bible as carefully and patiently as I ought. He has been faithful to raise my salary, through generous family and friends, so that I might begin preparing for what he has called me to do with my life.

And most importantly, God is faithful when I sin, which happens daily–probably hourly–and he continually points me back to his Son Jesus. It sounds crazy to the world to say that if I lost everything and still had Jesus I would have enough, but it’s true. What a precious and wonderful Savior to such an unworthy people!