From last week’s post on multi-site churches, Andrew gives his take on whether or not pastors of those churches are simply trying to feed their ego by having their preaching streamlined across the church’s campuses:

I think these multi-site churches particularly the ones that use live video feeds are effective and if the gospel is being faithfully communicated then why not…I think its an easy argument to make and one used too often to assume that a pastor needs to feed his ego or gain validation by having his face on the screens of several churches…If Mark Driscoll did this for ego or prideful reasons then he should stop writing books, stop recording his sermons for download, sign off of Facebook and Twitter, and stick to Seattle only.  I think when someone becomes big and successful at what they do its human tendency to vilify their way and prescribe our judgments on their motives.

Acts 29 by the way is an organization with Driscoll’s print all over it and it’s an organization to equip pastors to plant churches, not promote the Driscoll brand.  Mars Hill does have several campuses with Driscoll’s face on the screen, but they also allow plenty of preaching time for the campus pastor and promote very heavily the idea of missional communities.   I watch Driscoll videos each week for his solid biblical teaching and not his superstar pastor status…If you are multi-site you are simply being good stewards of technology, space, and money.

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One thought on “Some Comments Are Worthy of Their Own Post

  1. I saw the headline of this post and smiled. I had just commented on another’s post and felt the comment deserved its own place as a post on my blog. LOL…… I thought I was cheating at first. After all, somehow we feel we have no right to post things which are prompted by the remarks of another. What a foolish and human concept. I often (understatement there) marvel at the leading of the Spirit.

    By His Grace.

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