Matt Chandler recently spoke at the Code Orange Revival at Stephen Furtick’s church (Elevation Church). Justin Taylor posted on Monday about it. He wrote,

How do you go and preach in an environment where the pastor and the church have a very different understanding of theology, celebrity, and ministry philosophy than the one you live and proclaim? I thought Matt Chandler showed how in this talk at Elevation Church pastored by Steven Furtick. It’s a combination of boldness, winsomeness, and gospel proclamation

The video that Taylor had posted was from the official Code Orange YouTube page. It was removed shortly after posting. Chandler’s Christ-exalting, God-glorifying message runs smack in the face of much of the philosophy of Elevation Church. The video has since been posted elsewhere on YouTube. Chandler does not attack anyone by name or any church. His sermon is simply a powerful display, as Taylor pointed out, of gospel proclamation.


13 thoughts on “Matt Chandler Speaks at Code Orange Revival

  1. This was a great sermon among a sea of nonsense. You should post it together with the sermon Perry Noble did. It is a stark contrast. Also, the Fighting for the Faith podcast has done a series of terrific reviews and analysis of this “revival”.

  2. But I WILL say that if you look at Furtick’s feed, you’ll find 3-6 posts after each speaker praising how awesome their message was and how blown away he was by their preaching. He does not even post a thank you tweet after Chandler’s message.

  3. It’s really “fishy” all around. Especially considering Perry Noble’s talk two nights after Chandler’s. Noble who completely hereticized (made up word) a passage about the prophets longing to see Jesus (Matt 13:17). Noble basically did the exact thing Chandler warned against–making the Bible about you–by applying that passage to Furtick and Elevation church, almost equating Furtick with the Messiah. Noble’s sermon was completely Christ-less and hence, unchristian. Furtick *should* have renounced Noble’s talk.

  4. Saw these guys on Elephant room. They are on same page, but approaching differently. They understand and honor one another. they are not of PAul Peter or Apollos. Why don’t we follow the same track and be about Jesus.

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