The Supremacy of Christ in Colossians 1-2

Colossians 3-4 is filled with practical exhortation for Christian living. But before Paul lists imperative after imperative, he sets forth the supremacy of Christ as the foundation for Christian experience. It’s beyond a doubt that the big theme of Colossians is “Jesus is Supreme.”

  • It is through Christ that believers have been delivered from the domain of darkness into God’s kingdom (1:13).
  • It is in Christ that believers have redemption and forgiveness (1:14).
  • Everything exists through Christ and for Christ (1:15-16).
  • Everything is held together by Christ (1:17).
  • The church exists because of Christ’s resurrection from the dead and the entire cosmos will be reconciled to Christ (1:18-20).
  • In Christ the fullness of God’s presence dwells (1:19; 2:9).
  • Personal and corporate reconciliation to God only comes through Christ (1:21-23).
  • The glory of the mystery of God’s inclusion of the Gentiles in his redemption is Christ, the hope of glory (1:27).
  • Christ is the subject of Christian proclamation and instruction (1:28).
  • Christ himself is actually the substance of God’s mystery (2:2), and in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (2:3).
  • It is by faith in Christ that believers are to walk and be built up and established (2:6-7).
  • Believers are filled in Christ (2:10).
  • Christ is the head of all rule and authority (2:10).
  • In Christ believers are spiritually circumcised (2:11).
  • As evidence of this spiritual circumcision, believers are baptized and raised in Christ through faith by God’s power (2:12).
  • In Christ believers are made alive (2:13).
  • In Christ God has triumphed over and crushed and put to shame his enemies (2:15).
  • Christ is the substance of all Old Testament shadows (2:16-17).
  • Christ is the head of the body, and the body grows only through its union to him (2:19).
  • Believers have died with Christ to rules and traditions influenced by demonic and pagan forces and man-made religion (2:20-23).

Christ is supreme, indeed.

2 thoughts on “The Supremacy of Christ in Colossians 1-2

  1. Great list, James. It is amazing how clear the supremacy of Christ is, and equally amazing that so many claiming his name deny that He is the only way to salvation!


  2. Have enjoyed your articles James.

    You write very well and very clearly.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    In His service,


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