A Simple Way to Pray

I’ve been writing a bit lately on prayer (see here and here), with more to come. In between posts I wanted to provide you with a resource for your prayer life. It is a short booklet by Martin Luther called A Simple Way to Prayer. You may already be familiar with it, and even if you are it’s worth another read.

In this booklet, Luther helps Peter Beskendorf, his barber, understand how to pray. One might be inclined to think that Luther, a theological giant in church history, would complicate prayer, making it difficult for non-theological giants like us. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Luther was an academic, yes; but he was primarily a pastor. Luther wanted the church to recover the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers—the truth that believers had access to God through Christ, and therefore, all believers could learn to pray.

So this booklet is not an doctrinal treatise on prayer. It’s a how-to manual. It’s a field guide. And it comes from a man who prayed—fervently and often. A Simple Way to Pray focuses on meditating on Scripture and turning those meditations into conversation with God. He comments on praying the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Creed.

So sit and learn how to pray from Martin Luther. Here’s a few ways to get the book:

I’d go with the free option if I were you (the paperback book is 64 pages, so the price per page is pretty steep). Free help for your prayer life from Martin Luther. How you can pass that up?

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