Another New Bible Edition from Crossway

Men, what you need most is Christ. And to get Christ, you must let his word saturate your mind and heart. To help in this endeavor, you might quickly turn to pithy devotional books that give you a sentence or two of Scripture and four paragraphs of someone’s thoughts. I get it. You are busy. Wife. Family. Job. Kids. Gym. Fantasy Football. So, five minutes of spiritual time and you’ve hit your quota.

Unfortunately, squeezing in devotional time will not bring about the spiritual formation you want to see. The Bible’s words must race through your veins and be fresh water to your parched lips. Its incisive correction and wise instruction must shape your every word and deed. Most of all, its subject—Jesus Christ —must captivate your heart more than money, sex, power, or ESPN.

Crossway is seeking to help men in this very pursuit with their new ESV Men’s Devotional Bible. This devotional book is a bit different than others which are heavy on commentary and light on Bible. This book is a full Bible—all 66 books—with insightful, practical devotions woven throughout. It is not designed to get men out of their Bibles and into a five minute routine. Rather, it’s designed to help us men in the habit of systematic Scripture reading, aided by helpful devotional commentaries from other men who walk daily with Jesus.

I heartily commend this Bible edition to you. In my commendation, let me exhort you not mainly to the devotional articles, but to the very words of holy Scripture to which the devotions owe any power, insight, and helpfulness.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible!