Jesus is my Master, Savior, and supreme Treasure. I’m married to my lovely wife Carly. We have three awesome kids. We were both born and raised in Nebraska and met (and fell in love) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We are missionaries with Cru and have the privilege of reaching students at our alma mater. You can read more about our ministry at Before serving with Cru, we lived in Upstate New York where I served as a pastor.

About the Blog

I write to process what I’m thinking and experiencing as I follow Jesus. But I don’t write primarily for myself, but to spread the good news of who Jesus is, what he has done, and what he can do now in and through us. In other words, I want this blog to contribute to the global mission of making, multiplying, and mobilizing disciples of Jesus. I pray it serves you toward that end, even if in a small way.

About Other Stuff

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The is my personal blog. So, my views don’t necessarily reflect those of Cru or any church or other organization I’m associated with. Especially if I say something dumb, which, I hope, will not happen often.