A Christmas Poem, “Hands”

Hands Open on your mother’s chest or after a bellowing belch. Taut when you’re tired. Slurp slurp, tick tick, your tongue tackles each knuckle and cuticle. Somehow that helps you fade away to never-never-land. Mine are calloused, crusty, tired. Splinters are their wages. Blue veins bursting. Palm lines peeling. Bleeding. Grab the balm and bandage. … Continue reading A Christmas Poem, “Hands”


Wilderness Worship

"Wilderness is still the place of worship."  - Michael Card, A Sacred Sorrow Everything Jeremiah knows and loves is gone. The enemy has come into his city---God's city--to steal, kill, and destroy. To him, the world is ending. He mourns the destruction of his nation in the Old Testament book of Lamentations. There, he uses horrific … Continue reading Wilderness Worship