Blessed Are Those Who Mourn 2017

If you've paid close attention, the last few posts here have been related to lament. That's mostly because I gave a seminar (earlier today) on that topic at our Cru Winter Conference in Denver. Another reason---for the recent posts and my interest in giving the seminar---is that much of this past year was lamentable for … Continue reading Blessed Are Those Who Mourn 2017


The Pits and Christmas

It's the pits. The worst, most depressing situation you can imagine. We use it playfully today, exaggerating our circumstance. The saying has lost its luster. But it was not always so. Out of the 150 chapters in Psalms, perhaps as many as 65 to 67 of them are laments or what we can call "complaint … Continue reading The Pits and Christmas

A Brief Message to Our Ministry Partners at Grace Chapel

Inspired by Philippians 4:10-20 Dear Ministry Partners at Grace Chapel, We have greatly rejoiced in the Lord because it’s very clear you are concerned for us. Indeed, you've always been concerned for our well-being. You've showed it in various ways. Yet you didn't always have opportunity because our needs weren’t always tangible. Sometimes they weren't even noticeable! Our need … Continue reading A Brief Message to Our Ministry Partners at Grace Chapel