Following Jesus can be difficult. But it shouldn’t be complicated.

Everyday Disciples is a podcast for people who want to return to the simplicity of following Jesus. Join James and Carly Pruch as they talk about the Bible, community, mission, theology, and a whole lot more.


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Praying for the Little Things Everyday Disciples

Does God really care about all kinds of prayer? Even the little things–the physical and non-spiritual things? In this episode, we share a few passages that show God not only cares about the little things but even commands us to pray for them. We also tell some stories from our life about how God has answered prayers for everyday things.  Read "The Hot Bottle Water" by Helen Roseveare, an incredible story of answered prayer for an everyday, seemingly insignificant thing: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
  1. Praying for the Little Things
  2. Is Prayer as Formal and Complicated as We Think?
  3. More Thoughts and Tips for Bible Reading
  4. How to (and not to) Read the Bible
  5. Our Heart in the Battle Against Racism