Shower Heads, Formula, and Radiators: A Story of God’s Grace

Last year, we bought a new shower head. A nice one. A big one. A powerful one. It was a Groupon special. It was a “deal,” meaning we got what we paid for. It started to crack after six months. I don’t know if you know anything about shower heads, but that shouldn’t happen. I started looking for a new one. They aren’t cheap. Makes sense—we do shower everyday. While I didn’t want to fork out $100, we had the money. it wasn’t a problem. I just had to pick one out. About this same time, we got a letter and package from National Grid—our … Continue reading Shower Heads, Formula, and Radiators: A Story of God’s Grace

A Christmas Poem: “Hands”

I wrote this poem for our church’s Christmas Eve gathering. The inspiration for this poem came while changing my son’s diaper. As Titus and I exchanged smiles that night, I pondered what it would have been like to be Joseph looking at his baby boy Jesus. As a father, I often feel inadequate to raise my children. I cannot imagine the helplessness Joseph must have felt knowing he was called to raise the Son of God! This poem is my simple effort to begin imagining, to live inside a few precious moments, late at night, after a hard day’s work, when daddy Joseph … Continue reading A Christmas Poem: “Hands”

The Blog Days of Summer

Summer is a wonderful season, but they don’t call it the dog days of summer for nothing. It’s always hot and it’s often tiring. Very tiring. Our daughter is 10 months old and sometimes she is what I call “summer tired.” That happens when her cheeks turn red, her hair gets sweaty, her head starts to bob, and her eyes get heavy. Right now, on the blog front, I’m a little “summer tired.” Because of seminary classes, responsibilities at church, and a few camps I’m speaking at this summer, blogging has taken a back seat. I traditionally take a blogging … Continue reading The Blog Days of Summer

We Have A Daughter

Maybe one day, when my daughter is all grown up and ready to leave my home, I will wake up from this surreal moment and realize what I witnessed today. Life. Nine ounces of life, to be exact. A brain thinking and dreaming. A mouth sucking on a miniature thumb. Ears hearing my (mumbled) voice. A dime-sized heart steam-rolling along at 131 beats per minute. A spine housing a spinal cord which directs her herky-jerky movements.  Lungs expanding and collapsing each millisecond.  A hand giving her cheek a pillow to rest. A stomach filling and emptying on cue when she’s full.  Legs crossed like mine … Continue reading We Have A Daughter

Saturday Morning Potpourri

Do you ever feel like you get so busy in life that you only work in your life and not on your life? In other words, how much time do you spend intentionally thinking about actions that need to be taken and then actually do them? Most of us, and I have felt this of late, simply react to what life brings. Not a lot of intentionality — just reactivity.  Not a lot of preparation–just muddled busyness that general life brings. I’m talking about spiritual things here. Killing sin, memorizing scripture, pursuing my wife, serving people, investing in men. These … Continue reading Saturday Morning Potpourri