Why You Need to Read Different Bible Translations

But at some point late last year, conviction hit me in the face and I felt I had become a Bible translation snob. The ESV had become the Bible. Other translations were less than. And that’s not a good disposition to have. Continue reading Why You Need to Read Different Bible Translations

A Journey to Christ-Centered Bible Study

In case you missed it, my wife and I are transitioning to full-time missionary staff with Cru in 2017. Since last week, we’ve been in Daytona Beach at Cru’s new staff orientation. Today, we interacted a bit with Keith Johnson, Cru’s director of theological development. Meeting him face-to-face for the first time reminded me when I first served with Cru as an intern (2007-08), Keith was one of a few men who helped me develop a Christ-centered approach to the Bible. I was tasked with writing a Bible study commentary for 1-2 Samuel. (To this day, I have no idea how or why they asked me.) … Continue reading A Journey to Christ-Centered Bible Study

Is the Old Testament Reliable History?

Is the Bible true historically? Specifically the Old Testament? This is a big question people who love the Bible face from time to time. Some people argue that the Old Testament is reliable in what it teaches theologically about God and man, but not historically. That is, these people argue that the Old Testament is not a true account of what happened. Maybe Adam and Eve were legend. The flood is exaggerated. Those plagues in Egypt? Folklore. So now we are left with a book of myths. It’s unreliable. A part of the argument goes like this: Jesus and other first century Jews were … Continue reading Is the Old Testament Reliable History?

Listening Is the First Thing

Here is an encouragement to all who make it their regular rhythm to read and listen to the Scriptures. Not to mine it for religious information or obscure facts or historic controversies or proverbial nails in your friend’s doctrinal coffin. But for shaping. For transformation. For God. This comes from Eugene Peterson’s introduction to The Message. “Revelation” means that we are reading something we couldn’t have guessed or figured out on our own. Revelation is what makes the Bible unique. And so just reading [the Bible] and listening to what we read, is the first thing. There will be time enough for study later on. … Continue reading Listening Is the First Thing

Another New Bible Edition from Crossway

Men, what you need most is Christ. And to get Christ, you must let his word saturate your mind and heart. To help in this endeavor, you might quickly turn to pithy devotional books that give you a sentence or two of Scripture and four paragraphs of someone’s thoughts. I get it. You are busy. Wife. Family. Job. Kids. Gym. Fantasy Football. So, five minutes of spiritual time and you’ve hit your quota. Unfortunately, squeezing in devotional time will not bring about the spiritual formation you want to see. The Bible’s words must race through your veins and be fresh water to your parched … Continue reading Another New Bible Edition from Crossway

Review: ESV Journaling Bible

I love the English Standard Version Bible. In my personal reading and study and in my preaching and other ministry, this is the primary version I use. I’m thankful to God for such a literal yet readable translation. So I was happy to receive a free copy of the ESV Journaling Bible published by Crossway to review. I’m not reviewing the text of Scripture, here, but let me offer some brief thoughts on why the ESV is a worthy translation. It’s not a perfect translation. You should consult other trusted translations (e.g. NIV, NASB, HCSB). We are spoiled with how many good translations we … Continue reading Review: ESV Journaling Bible