Review: The End of White Christian America

The End of White Christian America by Robert P. Jones is a difficult book to summarize briefly. It’s essentially a history book and it has a ton of research data. I’m not much for formal reviews anymore. I did that during seminary, and I’m glad those days are over. But here are a few thoughts. This book is from 2016, and it was released before President Trump was elected. It’s a book about, well, white Christians in America. What is “White Christian America”? The author uses the term to describe the domain (think realm or even kingdom) of white Protestants in … Continue reading Review: The End of White Christian America

Jesus Hermeneutics

Hermeneutics is the work of interpreting what a text says. A biblical text is a communication of God that has three main components: the communicator (speaker), what is communicated (message), and who it is communicated to (hearer). In order to interpret Scripture properly, it must be interpreted through the gospel, namely, the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Graeme Goldsworthy writes why this is true in his book Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics (p.69): Jesus Christ, the God/Man, is the eternally communicating God, the creator of all speech and understanding. He is God, the author of special revelation (i.e. the Bible). As the incarnate … Continue reading Jesus Hermeneutics

Lunchtime Thoughts on Sunday

“It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.” (Al Gore) I love this note from Desiring God about not making Piper a substitute for your own church: “While we encourage you to join us for the sermon, we encourage you even more to give primary attention to the preaching in your local church. In other words, we do not intend for John Piper’s sermon to replace the preaching of the Word from your pastor in your local church.” I listened to the Rob Bell sermon I mentioned a couple days … Continue reading Lunchtime Thoughts on Sunday

The Book of Eli

This weekend Carly and I went to see The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington. Eli is filled with bloody fight scenes, engaging cinematography, and intense mystery.  I won’t tell you too much; I don’t want to be a spoiler.  But here’s a quick premise. In post-apocalyptic, wasteland America,  Washington plays Eli, a sunglass-wearing, nomadic warrior who has a good heart but isn’t afraid to finish a fight. He’s been walking across the country for the past 30 years, since the ‘last war.’  The war caused a rip in the ozone layer, bringing about a bright flash from the sun … Continue reading The Book of Eli

Guest Post – Jordan: “The Prodigal God”

Hi, my name is Jordan and I’m a guest blogger while James is gone.  I’m on facebook and am always up for having more friends, so if you want to have private conversations with me then facebook would be the best medium for me. I’m going to try and post more and to write a better, but to start I thought I’d just share a book that a group of friends and I read through and discussed. The book is The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller.  It’s a good read and great for conversations in a small group.  I’ll just give the … Continue reading Guest Post – Jordan: “The Prodigal God”

God Tends to Use Failures to Show His Greatness

God is so merciful and gracious to provide his Son Jesus as the atonement for our sins.  Certainly, God could have written us a Bible with one statement that said, “It’s your fault you are sinners, so get back on your feet by yourself.”  I’m so thankful he doesn’t say that.  For those who have faith in Christ as the payment for their sin, they are perfectly accepted by the Father.  Romans 8 says that “nothing in all creation” can separate us from God’s love if have been justified by Jesus’ death.  The body of Christ is made up of … Continue reading God Tends to Use Failures to Show His Greatness