Bible Study on 1 Samuel

This past June, I worked on a Bible study series for Cru.Comm 3.0, the discipleship and small group resource for Campus Crusade.   You can click on that link to get some free material.  If you’d like, you can pay a $2.00 subscription fee for unlimited resources for a year.  In addition to some of the studies, there are articles written by non-Crusade staff members that you might find edifying as well. I wrote the 1 and 2 Samuel Bible studies with an emphasis in redemptive focus.  Our hope is that these, as well as the rest of our rewritten studies, … Continue reading Bible Study on 1 Samuel

Experiencing Other People’s Pain as Opposed to Feeling it

There’s a differencing between saying “I feel your pain” and “I’m experiencing your pain with you.”  I leave for South Africa in three weeks for a 28 day missions project with Campus Crusade.  I’ll be going back there for a year in January as a full-time, short term missionary.  I only have one goal for our trip this July. I want to be able to cry for people, with people.  I can say that I have definitely felt other people’s pain, brokenness, and loss.  But I don’t experience it like a Christian is commanded to.  Paul says, “Weep with those who weep” … Continue reading Experiencing Other People’s Pain as Opposed to Feeling it

Chicago Has a Lot of Traffic

So, I’m in Chicago this week to help launch spiritual movements on some community college campuses in the area. So far it’s been a great week. Besides doing ministry things, Chicago is an awesome city with so much to do and see. We can’t possibly see it all in a week. The most frustrating thing here is that this city has 9.3 million people and it seems that everyone drives a car all day long, non-stop and that rush hour is anytime I’m in the road. I love the city. I love people. I love diversity. The traffic will take … Continue reading Chicago Has a Lot of Traffic