Teaching the Bible at Beam

One of the great (new) joys I have here in South Africa is to teach the Bible along with my friend Rylan Reed to four guys who work at Beam Africa, a local development center for township children, here in Pretoria.  Last week we talked about new birth and what God has done to make us dead sinners alive in Christ.  This week, we discussed grace, faith, and good works from Ephesians 2, James 2, and Abraham’s life. Here are some pictures from our time together today: Question of the day: “How do we know if someone has true faith?” … Continue reading Teaching the Bible at Beam

Confessions of a Campus Pastor

Campus ministry, at large, is vastly different than ministry in a church.  The demographic is narrowed.  The lifestyles are more uniform.  The conversations are generally more surface-level because college students don’t have that much experience in life. So when a college student “accepts” Christ, it is usually a big deal.  People get super excited.  There’s praises and clapping and baking of muffins, as well as co-ministers who say things like, “That is so amazing!  God is so good!”  Most people react like this. Except me.  I get skeptical. Yup.  I’m that guy. Before you burn me at the campus ministry … Continue reading Confessions of a Campus Pastor

Three Reasons I’m a Campus Crusade Staff Member

Here’s the last post in the “Three Reasons I’m…” series.  This one, of course, is not a spiritual conviction or tradition.  It is though, an important part of my life.  As I decided to move into ministry after graduating college, I had to make a decision about what would be the best first step.  Though I had parts of me that wanted to go into the pastorate, I knew I wasn’t ready for seminary.  I was passionate about reaching college students, because that is what I had been doing in Nebraska for the previous two years.  This is not a long-term gig, but … Continue reading Three Reasons I’m a Campus Crusade Staff Member