China Daily reports on a student’s conversion

China Daily, China’s official English newspaper, ran a short article yesterday about a college student’s conversion to Jesus. This is pretty amazing, given the fact that China is still a communist nation, and the newspaper is government owned.  Even though persecution exists there, this story shows that God is most definitely working in China.  Let’s be praying for this nation! Continue reading China Daily reports on a student’s conversion

Babies aren’t Buicks

Sorry for the third political post today, but Obama seems to be getting a bit more slippery when it comes to answering the abortion question, if you ask me (and of course, no one is asking me still, so that’s why I blog).  Rick Warren asked Obama when life begins.  Obama answered: “Answering that question with specificity … is above my pay grade.” Interesting. Evidently Obama makes less than a campus ministry worker.  Answering it is not about my pay grade.  The answer is at conception.  It’s not a dog in there.  It’s not a Buick.  It’s not a fruit … Continue reading Babies aren’t Buicks

Reflection on the Disasters in Myanmar and China

An earthquake killed 12,000 people in Chengdu, China, yesterday.  There are another 62,000 dead or missing in Myanmar, according to their government, from a cyclone May 3.  The UN predicts that there could be more than 100,000 dead.  The UN has has also reported that possibly up to 40% of those killed in Myanmar were children. I have friends who are students at the University of Nebraska, who are from Chengdu and whose families still live and work there.  As far as I know, their families are okay.  How sobering it was to hear my friend tell me yesterday, “I called … Continue reading Reflection on the Disasters in Myanmar and China