Rob Bell interviewed by Martin Bashir

Sorry for my absence lately.  Things have been busy around here!  Check out this interview of Rob Bell by Martin Bashir on MSNBC. I don’t know if Bashir is a Christian, but he lays it on thick–and good. I’ve really never seen Bell so uncomfortable before. Ever.

Do your words give life or bring death?

Paul David Tripp has said, “You have never spoken a neutral word in your life. Your words have the power of life and death in them.” This morning, Proverbs 12:18, made that come to life for me: There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing….

Brian Welch: “I am Second”

Here’s the powerful story of Brian “Head” Welch, former member of the band Korn.  Brian was saved by Jesus a few years ago. Here, he tells about his journey from addiction to hardcore drugs to finding true satisfaction in Jesus Christ.

Prayer for World Vision

Here’s an email I got today from World Vision.  There was an attack on their offices in Pakistan and six staff members were killed.  Let’s pray for World Vision, the families involved, and that the universal Church would be strengthened through this suffering. Dear Friend, It is with a sad heart that I write to…

“I’m Called To Love Them, But I Don’t Have to Like Them!”

Have you ever heard a Christian say this?  I’ve not only heard it, but said it many times. Yesterday, talking about Barack Obama, a friend told me that they love Obama but don’t like him.  (By the way, this was right before he called Obama a “self aggrandizing, arrogant socialist…who is a piss-poor leader.”) Sometimes…