Day 22: I Came for the Sick

And Jesus answered them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 5:31-32) I recall one time I went to the doctor for a physical exam. I was there because, I thought, this is what responsible adults do. The doctor came in, looked at my chart, noticed my age (I was about 25 at the time) and said, with a condescending tone, “What are you here for?” “For a physical,” I replied. “You don’t need a physical,” he said. “You … Continue reading Day 22: I Came for the Sick

We Have A Daughter

Maybe one day, when my daughter is all grown up and ready to leave my home, I will wake up from this surreal moment and realize what I witnessed today. Life. Nine ounces of life, to be exact. A brain thinking and dreaming. A mouth sucking on a miniature thumb. Ears hearing my (mumbled) voice. A dime-sized heart steam-rolling along at 131 beats per minute. A spine housing a spinal cord which directs her herky-jerky movements.  Lungs expanding and collapsing each millisecond.  A hand giving her cheek a pillow to rest. A stomach filling and emptying on cue when she’s full.  Legs crossed like mine … Continue reading We Have A Daughter

Do You Believe in Djinn?

Here’s a post from earlier today on Desiring God from a missionary doctor working with Muslims. The other day, I stopped by the house of one of my Muslim friends. He informed me that his 19-year-old nephew was in the hospital and he asked me to come and look him over. No problem. I’m a Physician. I get this a lot. The nephew had gotten pretty banged up when he fell from a three-story building, hitting a few things on the way down. Most of the injuries were not alarming and already taken care of—scrapes, cuts, bruises. He had also … Continue reading Do You Believe in Djinn?