Tasting Heaven in the Backyard

Our 20 month-old Titus, a brute of a boy, was churning his chunky legs up the grassy hill with a determined, yet jovial look on his face. He was on mission to find a Black and Decker toy drill. He is a boy’s boy. Tools, balls, trucks, tractors, dirt, collisions. He was in heaven. We were hanging out with close friends of ours in their backyard. As we watched Titus, and the other five kids in the backyard, I said that I love seeing my children happy. Titus prowled the backyard for balls and rocks and drills. And he was happy. My daughters were rolling … Continue reading Tasting Heaven in the Backyard

Heaven, a World of Love

Jonathan Edwards is often referred to as one of the greatest minds America has ever produced. He was a theologian and philosopher, yes. But most of all, he was pastor. His writing and and speaking and ministry did not happen in a classroom or an ivory tower. His sermons prove this. He is most famous for his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” But Edwards didn’t only preach on God’s anger. Far from it. He talked more about God’s glory, the beauty of Christ, and love. One of the better Edwards’ sermons I have read is “Heaven, a World of … Continue reading Heaven, a World of Love

God Doesn’t Need Your Praise

Jonathan Edwards reminds us of this in his sermon on Zechariah 4:9. Here he speaks of God’s matchless grace after Adam’s sin and how God is, in himself, sufficient and complete without our praise (emphasis added): Now who but God of boundless grace, would not have been provoked, after this, to leave [Adam] as he was, in the miserable state into which he had brought himself by his disobedience; resolving to help him no more, leaving him to himself and to the punishment he had deserved, leaving him in the devil’s hands where he had thrown himself, not being contented … Continue reading God Doesn’t Need Your Praise

Monday Miscellanies: Sovereignty of God

A guest post by Jonathan Edwards 414. Sovereignty of God. Affliction of the Godly. ‘Tis part of God’s sovereignty, that he may if he pleases bring afflictions upon an innocent creature if he compensates it with equal good; for affliction with equal good to balance it is just equivalent to an indifference. And if God is not obliged to bestow good upon the creature, but may leave it in the state of indifference, why mayn’t he order that for the creature that is perfectly equivalent to it? God may therefore bring many and great afflictions upon the godly, as he … Continue reading Monday Miscellanies: Sovereignty of God

Monday Miscellanies: Happiness in Heaven

A guest post by Jonathan Edwards 95. Happiness in Heaven When the body enjoys the perfections of health and strength, the motion of the animal spirits are not only brisk and free, but also harmonious; there is a regular proportion in the motion from all parts of the body, that begets delight in the soul and makes the body feel pleasantly all over—God has so excellently contrived the nerves and parts of the human body. But few men since the fall, especially since the flood, have health to so great a perfection as to have much of this harmonious motion. … Continue reading Monday Miscellanies: Happiness in Heaven

What is Justification?

Series Index What is Justification? What Does Justification Do? (Part 1) What Does Justification Do? (Part 2) Jesus Became Sin For Us Christ’s Imputed Righteousness Justification by Grace Justification by Faith Does James Contradict Paul? Part 1 in an 8 part series. View series intro and index. During the Reformation, Martin Luther and others recaptured the beauty and glory of the doctrine of justification.  We contribute absolutely nothing to this wonderful doctrine, but gain everything from it. Over the next several days, we’ll look at what justification is, what it does, how it happens, and how we receive it. First … Continue reading What is Justification?