Now for the couple that has it all…

My good friend Vern sent me an article from the Omaha World Herald that ran yesterday morning.  The article is about divorce insurance that’s going up for sale in Dayton, Ohio. Here’s a depressing snippet: WedLock policyholders buy units of coverage. Each unit costs $15.99 per month and provides a cash payoff of $1,250 if the policyholder divorces. A spouse who, for example, buys 10 units stands to collect $12,500 in the event of a divorce. The policy does not mature for four years. After four years, the units increase in value by $250 per year. Could there be a … Continue reading Now for the couple that has it all…

Happy Birthday to My Wife

Today is my wife’s 24th birthday. I love you Carly!  If the Lord wills, I will spend many, many more birthdays with you, and that, my love, is very thrilling to me. (Speaking of my wife, she just posted an incredible talk on her blog called “Life’s Too Short to Just Admire.”  She gave the message to some college students in Lincoln a couple weeks back.  It’s worth your time, I promise.) Continue reading Happy Birthday to My Wife

Stop telling me how to be better. Tell me to live like I’m new.

“This stuff seems so easy to remember and do.”  That was what a friend of mine said during a men’s time before church a couple Sundays ago.  He, of course, is single (which is not a crime, mind you).  He was referring to what we had just learned from a sermon on DVD about being a godly husband.  I was sitting to his left and a tad behind his periphery.  As he went on, I was shaking my head. One of our pastors, who leads the time, was smiling. He said, “James is saying, ‘NO WAY.’”  “You have no idea,” … Continue reading Stop telling me how to be better. Tell me to live like I’m new.

Happy Birthday, Carly!

Today is my fiancee’s 23rd birthday.  Here are 23 reasons why I’m thankful for her. She loves Jesus. She wants to be a mother of a lot of kids, and wants to adopt international children. She quiet and gentle, which is pretty much the opposite of me. She trusts me (and wants me) to lead our family well and be a courageous husband and father. She likes to cuddle and watch movies. She works hard every day at a job that could be quite intimidating. She is absolutely, physically gorgeous. She laughs at my jokes even if they aren’t funny … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Carly!

Confessions of a 9 Year-Old Theologian

Theological perplexities are not supposed to happen to a 9 year-old.  At that age, you are meant to play with Legos, watch Saturday morning cartoons, and get excited about shoes that light up on the heels.  I had the latter in abundance.  But at times, the former showed up during long sleepless nights. In 1993, I didn’t have a blog to confess to the world my problematic theology.  But I’m telling you now.  Let’s call it social networking transparency. Deep breath, James.  Okay.  Here goes nothing. There were times when I stayed awake for hours, desperately praying to God that … Continue reading Confessions of a 9 Year-Old Theologian