Raising a Biblical Theologian

My work with teenagers has convinced me that one of the main reasons teenagers are not excited by the gospel is that they do not think they need it. Many parents have successfully raised self-righteous little Pharisees. When they look at themselves, they do not see a sinner in desperate need, so they are not grateful for a Savior. (Paul Tripp) Our daughter is almost five months old. And we are raising her to be a biblical theologian. A “biblical theologian” is a technical term for a person who seeks to take individual parts of the Bible and relate them to … Continue reading Raising a Biblical Theologian

Toward a Theology of Laughter

Have you ever wanted to laugh so hard in front of others but you held back because you were afraid of what they’d think of you? I’m ashamed to say I have. I’m not talking about laughing at somebody in a trite way to embarrass or expose them. I’m not talking about laughing at crude or vulgar humor that is “out of place” (Eph. 5:4). I’m talking about genuine, clean, witty, endearing humor that draws out joyful, sloppy, fall-off-the-couch, tear-filled, pee-your-pants laughter. We need more of that among God’s people because, honestly, we are often quite boring. I wonder if, in … Continue reading Toward a Theology of Laughter

Happy Birthday to My Wife

Today is my wife’s 24th birthday. I love you Carly!  If the Lord wills, I will spend many, many more birthdays with you, and that, my love, is very thrilling to me. (Speaking of my wife, she just posted an incredible talk on her blog called “Life’s Too Short to Just Admire.”  She gave the message to some college students in Lincoln a couple weeks back.  It’s worth your time, I promise.) Continue reading Happy Birthday to My Wife