Monday (Just Before Noon) Humor

There were probably state and federal laws broken for taking video in the bathroom, but I’m thankful it happened: HT: Kevin DeYoung

Soccer is for wimps…try rugby.

Sorry I’ve been silent for a while.  In honor of the World Cup that starts June 11, I thought this would be a fitting video — or maybe not so fitting? HT: Abraham Piper

Some facts about 1909

As the past year closed, Listverse gave some interesting facts about what America was like 100 years ago.  From their website: In 1909 none of these things had been invented: zippers, band-aids, traffic lights, bubble gum, penicillin, sunglasses, ballpoint pens, shopping carts, nylon stockings, kitty litter, and milk cartons. In the US there were about…

Weekly Weirdness

Let the pop-culture philosopher Dr. Phil McGraw introduce our weird news this week: You’re an individual. That makes people nervous and it’s going to keep on making them nervous — all your life. It’s always a good day when I don’t wake up reading about myself in the weird news section. 22-inch Nepal man: I’m…