My Theological Journey

Over the past several months, I have reflected on my journey toward a gospel centered, Reformed theology.  It’s fascinating to me to listen to other people’s conversion-to-Jesus stories. But I also love hearing stories of theological development, particularly, what God used to draw them to one theological persuasion or the other. That’s what this post is about: my theological journey, or conversion, if you will. In the summer of 2006, I went on a mission trip to San Diego (rough place for a mission trip). Before that, I would have never called myself a Calvinist. I grew up in a Christian and … Continue reading My Theological Journey

What Are You All About?

What are you all about? If you are a church leader, what is your church all about? If you had to give a one-word answer, what would you say? As Paul begins his letter to the Romans, he writes that he has been called to be an apostle, “set apart for the gospel of God” (Rom. 1:1). In other words, all of Paul’s life and ministry revolves around the gospel. That’s Paul’s “what-am-I-all-about-in-a-nutshell” word (see Rom. 1:16-17, too). To Paul, the gospel isn’t simply some piece of “helpful” information he throws to people on his missionary journeys, as if it’s … Continue reading What Are You All About?

A Youth Ministry Reader

I recently posted a Gospel-Centered reader, and I thought it would be helpful to post a youth ministry reader with several articles from The Gospel Coalition as well. Though I am not a youth pastor, I lead a high school small group at our church and I often have the privilege of preaching to high school students. So from time-to-time I think about youth ministry from a gospel-centered,  theologically-informed, and culturally-engaged perspective. Whether you are a pastor, youth pastor, small group leader, or a parent, I hope these articles will be helpful. Give Up the Gimmicks, Youth Pastors – Brian Cosby A … Continue reading A Youth Ministry Reader

A Gospel-Centered Reader

Those of you visit this blog often know that I write about the gospel a lot. To reinforce what I write, I wanted to start building a gospel-centered reader as a resource for people to find gospel-centered material. A “reader” is a compilation of shorter works on a particular subject. Most of these come from Tim Brister’s blog, but I will add to it as I find other resources. If you know of material that would be a worthy addition, please let me know. Gospel Coalition Foundation Documents The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration Together for the Gospel … Continue reading A Gospel-Centered Reader

Five Reasons I’m Thankful For The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures. TGC was founded by D.A. Carson and Tim Keller. In the past two years, for me, it has become the go-to place for theological insights, conversations, and resources. In addition to the general TGC blog, a host of pastors and authors blog there. I encourage you to check them out if you haven’t already. Here are five reasons I thank God for TGC: The whole reason for their existence is to … Continue reading Five Reasons I’m Thankful For The Gospel Coalition

Plead with God the Merit and Righteousness of Jesus Christ

Another gospel-centered prayer. This time from Matthew Henry. The merit and righteousness of my Lord Jesus Christ, which I rely upon as my main plea in my petition for the pardon of sin. I know that as you are gracious and merciful, so you are the righteous God who loves righteous deeds, and will by no means clear the guilty. I cannot say, “Have patience with me, and I will pay you everything,” for I am like one who is unclean, and all my righteous deeds are like a polluted garment. But Jesus Christ has become to me righteousness from … Continue reading Plead with God the Merit and Righteousness of Jesus Christ