Wrestling with an Angel

Greg Lucas writes on a blog that I was introduced to today.  Greg has a son, Jake, with severe disabilities and now, after 17 years, Jake is out of the home, receiving greater care as he tries to prepare for independent living. Greg’s passion for Christ, holiness, and living they atypical American life is convicting.  God has used Jake’s life to push Greg in this direction. A recent birthday letter to from Greg to Jake especially gripped my heart: Then, just after your first birthday, you got sick and had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. Your … Continue reading Wrestling with an Angel

New Blog: the (un)gospel

My friend Chuck Bergen (who blogs at Writing on the Walls) and I have launched a new blog called the (un)gospel.  Don’t let the title fool you.  It’s not heretical.  Anything but. The blog’s driving force is preaching against prosperity.  We want to counter the false, demonic prosperity with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  In the simplest terms, it’s a blog about Jesus and money.  Here’s an excerpt of the about page: As far as we know, there isn’t one central place on the internet where Christians can find resources about the dangers of the prosperity gospel.  We want … Continue reading New Blog: the (un)gospel

Abortion and Artemis: The Damning Desire of Lust for Wealth

FoxNews reports that a Planned Parenthood worker in Texas quit after seeing an ultrasound of a baby being aborted.  Here’s a snippet: Abby Johnson, 29, used to escort women from their cars to the clinic in the eight years she volunteered and worked for Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas. But she says she knew it was time to leave after she watched a fetus “crumple” as it was vacuumed out of a patient’s uterus in September. The most intriguing part of this article was when Johnson described the driving force behind the clinic’s abortions: “Every meeting that we had was, … Continue reading Abortion and Artemis: The Damning Desire of Lust for Wealth

How the Swine Flu and Abortion are Related

Mike Huckabee writes why he’s not afraid of the swine flu.  Here’s a good chunk of his article: I’ve watched the Obama administration tell us how much they care about protecting lives from the flu. If they really want to help make children safer, let me make a suggestion: Start doing all you can to move this country to being pro-life. Almost a million unborn children will die in their mother’s womb because of elective abortion this year. These are not sick or unhealthy babies, they’re just inconvenient. And by ending their lives because they represent an economic disruption or … Continue reading How the Swine Flu and Abortion are Related

That’s One Way to Prevent the Swine Flu

To prevent the swine flu (or any other flu) from spreading, most people wash their hands, quarantine themselves, or wear a doctor’s mask.  In Egypt however, their strategy is a bit different, as the Associated Press reports: China quarantined more than 70 Mexican travelers and Hong Kong isolated 350 people in a hotel as a precaution even though no new swine flu infections appeared in Asia. In Egypt, authorities’ attempt to kill all pigs as a precaution against the disease prompted pig owners to clash with police who were helping to seize their animals for slaughter. If I’m not mistaken, … Continue reading That’s One Way to Prevent the Swine Flu